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Who We Are The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the student body that provides the structure through which Graduate students are able to work towards improving the academic and social experience of Graduate student life at NJIT.

Our Mission As a student government organization, GSA’s mission is to represent the interests of all Graduate students in university affairs.

Our Goals We work to promote communication between students, faculty, and the administration. It is also our objective to promote and encourage the professional growth, social and cultural development, and academic excellence of students in the Graduate programs at NJIT. Finally, as members in the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS), we strive to give a national voice to Graduate students.

Our Responsibilities GSA’s responsibilities include representing and articulating the interests of all Graduate students. We maintain relationships with NJIT students, our university administrators and officials. The Assembly is also tasked with overseeing the expenditure of the Graduate student activity fee with the best interests of Graduate students as a priority.

This site is mantained by the Graduate student community in New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). We try our best to update the site. However, if there is inconsistency between this site and the official GSA website, please follow the latter. Thank you! ❤️